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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We partnered with the excellent "Your Extra Space",


The building is approximate 7m x 4.5m, with a total space of 31.5sqm. It has a flat roof (well it's slightly pitched to water drain off). The external height is 2.5m and the internal height is 2.25m. We built an internal partition wall, creating 1 large room, a bicycle storage room with external door and a bathroom.

Construction materials

The building is timber framed, with a steel beam/RSJ running the length of the building. Because we planned on having a green roof, we had to reinforce the roof as the green roof substrate can get very heavy when wet.

All floors, walls and ceiling were insulated with expanded 90mm polystyrene insulation. Internal walls and floors were covered in OSB boarding and then plasterboarded and plastered. External walls were boarded with OSB and a moisture membrane. To meet the building regulations for non combustible materials (<1m from neighbouring wall) we added 10mm cement boarding to the rear and side elevations. The front of the building is clad in tongue and grove Siberian larch, that we scorched with a flamethrower to create "Shou-Sugi-Ban" effect.

The roof was covered in EPDM membrane. We then laid a thin layer of felt, followed by a low nutrient substrate, lastly we laid the sedum green roof rolls from Northern Ireland. The roof also features a large glass roof light in the center.

There are two doors. One 2.3m wide, three panel bi-fold door and an external wooden door for the bicycle shed entrance.

We trenched the electrics from the main fuse board, along with a CAT6 cable for internet connectivity. We also plumbed cold water along the same trench, and a plastic return pipe for waste. We decided to use a macerator system for return waste to avoid expensive drainage works.


In the internal partition wall we installed two sliding doors. The bathroom contains a basic bathroom set, connected to a macerator. The shower is an electric mira and the waste reruns to the macerator pump.

Along the back wall of the main office room we built a workbench. After looking into many options, the most cost effective solution was to purchase a kitchen counter top. We used Worktop Express and ordered a pre-cut sink hold for our butlers sink. The countertop Is approximately 3m x 0.75m. We built the legs ourselves.

We built a slim frame on the wall above the workbench and then painted and installed pegboard. The shelves are made from old reclaimed hardwood floorboards, and brackets.

For the front wall we used the same countertop and custom legs for space for 2 desks, with the additional IKEA Alex for storage and central support.

We chose affordable recessed ceiling led lighting on a dimmer switch for the main room, with plenty of double 13amp sockets.

On top of the OSB flooring we laid a layer of 3mm hardboard to get a nice flat surface. On top of that we laid lino, in a polished concrete effect.

The office is very well insulated and the roof light acts a magnifier so it can get very hot in the summer. One year after the build we installed 12,000 BTU air conditioning unit. This has been great for heating in the winter too and is much more energy efficient that an standard convection heater.


Outside we sourced paving stones from Town & Country Paving, these are made from cement to look like real paving stones. The fencing is Siberian Larch spaced at 21mm. We applied Sansin SDF to make it looks less red and speed the weathered look.

An old cattle water trough made an excellent bamboo planter.


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